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Waves Bonbon cake the best cake I've ever tasted!

Chad W.

I hired Misses Sweet to do the sweet table at my party and the event I was amazing everybody commented on the sweets!

Shannon T.

Delicious sweets, completely in love with the Red velved Flower Cake.

Kellen W.

Amazing company and delightful customer service! 

Carla R.

Everything was incredible! Everybody loved all the sweets! 

Beatriz B.

So delicate in everything she do. Product is impeccable. Can't even get started in the taste.

Laura W.

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Bonbon Cake

Castle Bonbon Cake

What is a Brigadeiro?

chocolate Brigadeiro


Recommend it with my eyes closed! All sweets are incredible.

Silvia V.

It has been two days I ate this sweets at my party and I haven't gotten over how delicious they are! Already want to order more!

Anna L.

The BEST. That's all I have to say.

Julian N.

I wasn't sure what to order so I decided to get the tasting because it comes with a large variety of sweets. OMG that really impressed me. I recommend it.

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